A comfortable family-run guest house situated on the outskirts of Velké Bílovice, the largest wine area in the Czech Republic, is perfect for your holiday or business meeting.


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Free time

Penzion Sklep Púrynky houses a Moravian wine cellar with wines produced by five local winemakers and one foreign producer. Our guests can experience the most traditional and popular way of discovering the South Moravia: wine tasting.  The tasting can take place in our guest house, but, at the same time, our guests are free to visit any winemaker in Velké Bílovice.

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Wines from local and foriegn wineries which are offered at Sklep Púrynky guest house:

Franti¹ek a Hana Mádlovi
Pinot Gris – 2011 – Kabinett, QmP
Savignon – 2011 – late harvest, QmP
Müller Turgau – 2011 – Kabinett, QmP
Hibernal – 2010 – late harvest, QmP
Müller Turgau – Classic
Zweigeltrebe – Classic
Cuvé rosé – Classic


Vinaøství Zemánek
Dolfender – 2011 - late harvest, QmP
Moravian Muscat – Kabinett, semi-sweet
Agni – 2011 – select harvest, dry
Pinot Blanc – 2010 – late harvest, semi-sweet


Spain – La Rioja
Coto de Imaz
El Coto (rosé)
Vina Villano Rodil
Septina Malbec


Stanislav Mádl
Rhine Riesling – 2012 – late harvest, dry QmP
Welschriesling – 2012 – late harvest, dry QmP
Blaufränkisch – 2011 – late harvest, dry QmP


Antonín Skoupil
André – 2012
Grüner Veltliner


Irsai Oliver – 2012 – quality wine, half-dry
Chardonay – 2012 – late harvest, half-dry
Gewürztraminer – 2012 – late harvest, half-dry
Cuvéee ©utr – 2012 – Moravian wine, dry, mixture of Zweigeltrebe, Blauer Portugieser and Dolfender