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Cycle tracks

South Moravia Liechtenstein track – approx. 40 km

A tarmac track following red and yellow trail blazes.
From Valtice to Hlohovec and Lednice (Janův hrad, John´s Castle) and further to Lednické rybníky (Lednice Ponds) – Nový dvůr (New Farm) – Tři Grácie (The Temple of the Three Graces) – Svatý Hubert (St Hubert Chapel) – Rendez-vous – and back do Valtice. The track will show you around the natural beauties and sights of the Lednice-Valtice Complex.  A very easy  ride.
Source: www.lednicko-valticky-areal.cz

Austria Liechtenstein track – approx. 28 km

Follow Liechteinstein track from Valtice towards the border (red trail blaze in the Czech Republic, Fürstenweg in Austria). The Austrian track is a follow-up of the track starting at the Lednice-Valtice Complex. Due to the border crossing, a passport or a similar document is necessary. A medium-difficult track yet a pleasant ride (especially when both Czech and Austrian maps match).
Source: www.lednicko-valticky-areal.cz

From Valtice back to Valtice – 22 km

A track on the border of the Czech Republic nad Austria. Follow, when possible, red and blue trail blazing: from Valtice towards Kolonáda – Úvaly – Sedlec to the Nesyt pond (suitable for swimming) and further on towards Hlohovec and then back to Valtice . A medium-difficult track, yet a pleasant ride. 
Source: www.lednicko-valticky-areal.cz

Czech-Austrian border track – approx. 68 km

Cycle tracks no. 411, 43 and 41 follow partly the red trail blazing (cycle track no. 5045).
Start in Valtice and head for Břeclav (Pohansko) with its educational trail about bottomland forests – Janův hrad (John´s Castle) – Lednice – Lednické rybníky (Lednice ponds) – Nový dvůr (New Farm) – Tři grácie (The Temple of Three Graces) and Svatý Hubert (St Hubert Chapel) – Rendez-vous – and back do Valtice. A longer ride but practically no hills are on the way.
Source: www.lednicko-valticky-areal.cz

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